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WARMission Statement

We are a Whitman collective which promotes community engagement, activism, and direct action in Walla Walla and beyond. We educate and promote discussion about systematic oppression, including racism, sexism, capitalism, imperialism, classism, ableism, sizeism, heterosexism, and cissexism. We encourage the Whitman community to consider the ways in which privilege affects their day-to-day lives and to take action against oppression in all forms.

WAR Governing Principles

Participation in WAR activities is open to all interested parties, regardless of their age, political beliefs or affiliation with Whitman College.

Membership in WAR is open to those who are committed to our group agreements and share our vision. People wishing to join WAR as new members should email whitmanradicals@gmail.com or attend a meeting for more information. Members need not be affiliated with Whitman College.

WAR understands that it is not our place to declare our group a “safe space” for marginalized groups which our members do not belong to. Nevertheless, we are committed to creating spaces where oppression is not tolerated. WAR welcomes and is grateful for criticisms or suggestions about making our group more inclusive.

All WAR members are equal and have an equal say in decisions concerning the group. Members must remain active in the group to be involved in decisions—we’re not going to postpone a decision for weeks because one person isn’t responding to emails.

Members may act in specific roles, have titles and coordinate specific activities or projects.

Group decisions are made using consensus. Decisions will be considered and discussed carefully, and every member will be given the chance to share their thoughts and voice concerns.

WAR is not officially affiliated with Whitman College or the Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC). No action undertaken by WAR or its members should be attributed to any other campus group which a member may belong to. The positions and opinions expressed by WAR are reflective of our membership, and are not necessarily the opinions of other campus organizations which members are affiliated with.

Group Agreements

We agree to be aware of the ways in which privilege and oppression shape our lives. We commit to checking our own privilege in our work and our day-to-day interactions. We understand that our current membership engages in activism from a race- and class-privileged position, and we agree to be conscious of this dynamic whenever we work together. We understand that being called out is not an indication of failure; it is an opportunity to learn and become a better ally.

We agree to treat each other with respect even in cases of disagreement. We will work to find common ground and assume good faith when interacting with others.

We agree to actively seek out alliances with existing activist groups and organizations. We will respect and promote the work of other organizations whenever possible, and avoid speaking for marginalized groups. We agree to only act on behalf of another group when we are asked by that group to do so.

We agree to remember that these principles should not apply only to our activism. We agree to carry our mission forward in every part of our lives.


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